Startups - It is an extreme sport.

Pune International Incubation Center - Pune's first virtual incubation center. For the change makers of tomorrow. We will be focused, precise and specific. This is a community of high potential, restless and real change makers.

What we do

PIIC will deliver 4 high quality 2 day "for invites only" events every year. Once every quarter. We will meet in Jan - April - Jul - Oct. Each event will cover one or max 2 of the following tracks - Technology, Design, Content, Startup. Nothing more.

what we share

Content shared in the community is suitable for - student (pls don't expect basic training content) , entrepreneur, designer, blogger, vlogger, geek, investor.

What we are

Across the world communities are solving major problems and making the world wonderful, safe, green and sustainable place. PIIC will bring a focused approach to an individual entrepreneur's efforts. Social or profit making, every startup is solving a major problem. PIIC is a platform where the focused community will work systematically.

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